Breach Detection Service

Cybersecurity is an ongoing partnership rather than a post-breach reaction.

Breach Detection Service – BDS

Identify Compromised Credentials and Domain Squatting

Compromised credentials are a gateway to your organization and domain squatting can send your customers to fake websites. Identify both before someone else does. 

Continuous Breach Detection Service 

  • Know what bad actors can see about your organization and address it before you get compromised. 
  • Protect your reputation from domain squatters that have malicious intent. 
  • See which threat actors are stalking your organization. 
  • Identify subdomains that can compromise your security. 

ENHALO Continuous Breach Detection Service continuously finds compromised credentials, domain squatters, exposed subdomains, and domain servers that put your organization at risk of breach and brand damage. Read More.

360-Degree Cyber Defense Services

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