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Who is ENHALO?

As an advanced, full-circle cyber defense group, ENHALO has been shutting down cybercriminal activity across four continents for over 12 years.

We’ve learned that traditional approaches to cybersecurity is problematic because the focus is on products that solve problems but don’t create defense.

In this increasingly expansive landscape of cyber, with a focus on products over process, it’s a high-tech version of assemble-it-yourself furniture without the instructions. The result is breaches due to all the gaps that occur, because products alone, aren’t security.

We create a holistic solution for your cyber defense with expert insight, an architecture-driven process and a full suite of services, all visualized on a personalized 360-degree view of your cyber defense.

We solve for the big picture, as the partner you can trust to mitigate against the smallest vulnerabilities and the biggest threats.

What does ENHALO do?

  • We create a custom solution for you without the gaps introduced by traditional cybersecurity vendors

  • We visualize your posture in a personalized 360-degree view, so the path ahead is always clear.

  • We create a more complete overall approach to your cybersecurity posture to build a more resilient cyber defense.

  • We deliver a full suite of services that runs circles around most providers.

  • We keep the bad guys out so your business can keep the good times going.

  • We deliver full-circle cybersecurity that starts with the big picture, focusing on the problems of security first.

Where is the value?

  • The value is in starting with the big picture. Unlike most cybersecurity companies who focus on products, we focus on strategy, to create a defense that’s robust and resilient and not limited by technology.

  • The value is in a better model so that cybersecurity is an ongoing partnership rather than a post-breach reaction.

  • With a 360-degree visualization, you can understand the impact of every move – and every vulnerability – on your business.

  • We help you get the most of your current tools, designing solutions that work for the problems you face and with the tools you already have.

  • We’re not a product company so our only motivation is your absolute security.

  • We let you focus on what makes you great, without fear of cyber intrusion.

Our industry veterans invest in your unique needs, the challenges you face and tools you already have. So, you get a resilient cyber approach, tailored for you.

How do we do it?

  • With consultative expertise, immersive partnership and a full-circle approach to cybersecurity.

  • We start with the big picture to solve your real challenge, not merely treat symptoms.

  • We visualize your defense in a personalized 360-degree view so your possibilities and vulnerabilities are clear every step of the way.

  • We then continually optimize your cyber defense in an ongoing partnership, rather than careening from breach to breach and fix to fix.

  • We ensure that you’ll never be in the dark about what your cybersecurity posture looks like or what needs to happen next. You’ll know where your business security strengths and vulnerabilities are and understand the impact of every decision.

Do you really know if your cybersecurity will protect your business and trusting clients? You should have peace of mind – if not…

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