Son of a Breach

A play on the hidden truths sustaining gullible cybersecurity casualties.

Peppered with humor, tech insights, and thrilling adventures, our cyber security comic series entertains and educates, making the complex realm of online security accessible and engaging. Prepare to be enlightened, one ‘Son of a Breach’ panel at a time!

As the world’s top drivers compete for victory on the track, let’s not forget the parallel race happening in the digital realm. Cybersecurity is the
Just as an umpire ensures fair play and enforces the rules at Wimbledon, cybersecurity is the guardian of your digital court.
Most of the time, companies are hacked because of mistakes individuals keep making. Not because you, or anyone else is stupid, but because cyber criminals
“Security buyers often have dozens of different tools from multiple vendors, and generally have to use a fair amount of duct tape to get them
No security defense is guaranteed to prevent supply chain attacks, but you cannot operate in blind faith. Zero trust Architecture (developed by the NIST) is
Fundamentally, hackers operate just like the rest of us: they want to maximize their return on investment. They may even use the same type of
The longer the hacker spends collecting data about people and systems within the company, the more likely he or she is to succeed. Getting to
Network segmentation is a powerful but underutilized security measure, yet it is one of the cornerstones of a successful information security program.
Although subscription renewal scams are old identity theft methods, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for phishing emails claiming, “it’s time
Viruses, hearts, and chocolates? Cyber threats are just as common as Valentine’s Day jewellery, dining, and gifts.
Although we assume our cybersecurity vendor is highly competent, secure, and effective, we should not forget those vendors also have vendors.
Imagine an automobile manufacturer just giving you a seatbelt and stopping there. No airbags, steel reinforced doors, or engine compartments are included in your purchase


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