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Enhalo-comic27_the job of the cybersecurity industry

Imagine an automobile manufacturer just giving you a seatbelt and stopping there. No airbags, steel reinforced doors, or engine compartments are included in your purchase – none of the safety features that need to be built into the vehicle.

These “obvious” features need to be the focus of cybersecurity by design so customers do not have to worry about opening up an email or clicking on a link – that’s too much to ask of people who are worried about their day-to-day jobs. We need to give them systems that are inherently more secure. That’s the job of the cybersecurity industry.

When you buy a smart home device, and the only security feature it offers is a simple password – no encryption, no regular software updates, and no protective firewalls. It’s like having a house with a flimsy lock and expecting that to be enough. In our ever-connected world, each device is a doorway into our personal lives, and every doorway needs more than just a rudimentary latch.

Consider a public Wi-Fi network, welcoming everyone with open arms, no authentication, no encryption. It’s akin to a public library with no systems to check books in and out. Anyone could walk in, take what they want without accountability. In an age where data is as precious as gold, we cannot have digital libraries that are so vulnerable.

Think of a software application that prompts you to configure its security settings upon installation. It’s like a bicycle asking its rider to attach its brakes. Both situations expect the user to be the expert, placing undue responsibility on them to ensure their safety. Users should be free to ride or navigate the digital realm, confident in the knowledge that their safety has been considered from the get-go.

Security Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

In essence, security shouldn’t be an afterthought or an “additional feature.” It should be foundational, an inseparable element of the digital fabric. Just as car manufacturers prioritise passenger safety, the cybersecurity industry must do its part in ensuring digital safety. After all, on the vast highway of the internet, we all deserve a safe journey.

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