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Despite a mature Security Operations Center, you’re still under threat. Our SOC Assurance mitigates the risk of unnoticed breaches.

Unnoticed Cybersecurity Breach Events Remain a Risk

Whether an organization has a mature Security Operations Center practice or none, the risk of unnoticed cyber security breach events remains the same.

The ability of the Security Operations Center (SOC) to detect and rapidly respond to these events is critical, but the SOC team is often strained to breaking point with a broad portfolio, and events are missed, and gaps overlooked.

ENHALO SOC Assurance assists SOC teams in these unknown areas, resulting in a better-optimized SOC with constant checking and continuous improvement.

With an average of 20 years in the field, our team is ready to help.

“We face a significant risk given the possibility of malware in the components, hardware, and devices our suppliers sell and deliver to our customers. ENHALO SOC Assurance provides a consistent method of evaluating and reporting on our SOC, which allows us to strengthen our defenses and thereby reduce risks continuously.”

Director of Operations – US

ENHALO SOC Assurance Service

Our SOC Assurance detects and simulates events that allow organizations to reap the following benefits.
  1. Real-time reporting of high-risk connections made from known Cyber Terrorist Networks for remediation.

  2. Supply chain risk detection related to invoice fraud and infrastructure access.

  3. Exploitable device simulations and which critical assets are at risk.

  4. An Assurance Report of detected events compared to the reported SOC events.

  5. Continuous improvement reports for the SOC to tailor detection and response playbooks to the organization’s unique threats.

“It is tough to look into the crystal ball that is the SOC and truly know if it is functioning as it should. Our SOC Assurance Service tests your existing SOC environments to see if it is functioning as expected and to identify gaps.”

Gerhard Conradie

Who watches the watchers?

Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams fight an uphill battle to ensure security events are detected while suffering from event overload.

The SOC team can often be stretched to breaking point with a broad portfolio, where events are missed, or gaps exist. Some blind spots are runbook related, while others exist because the SOC’s tooling does not adequately cover a specific area of responsibility.

ENHALO SOC Assurance assists SOC teams in these unoptimized and unknown areas, resulting in a better-optimized SOC with constant checking and continuous improvement.

Supply chain. Enter here.

A Ponemon Institute study showed that 59% of respondents had data breaches caused by one of their third parties, and 42% of those had been in the last 12 months. IBM further puts the average cost of a breach at $3.95 million. The statistics and common sense speak for themselves. Why cut through the well-secured safe doors if a small wooden door leads to the same safe?

Threat actors look at your organization in precisely this way. 65% of passwords are reused across multiple systems, and your supply chain will be no exception to this statistic.

For this reason, monitoring the supply chain’s leaked credentials is critical to understanding where the next attack will come from and being preventive.

Make sure your SOC team does not miss anything. Contact ENHALO today.

Gerhard Conradie Asks:

Gerhard Conradie Asks:

“What are your top three unresolved cyber security concerns at this time?”

“Our SOC receives thousands of alerts daily, yet we still suffer from undetected malicious activity. One of the major concerns was alerts detected months apart and the security team struggling to connect a random event to another spotted weeks or months ago. ENHALO’s SOC Assurance Service has contributed tremendously to identifying the gaps and enabling the SOC team to improve their effective response continuously.”


If security were all that mattered, computers would never be turned on, let alone hooked into a network with literally millions of potential intruders.


SOC Assurance Service with ENHALO

Client – Global supply chain enterprise consistently investing in new digital capabilities, including factory automation and advanced network modeling.

Challenge – The organization’s SOC team suffered from tremendous alert fatigue resulting in them tuning the SOC alerts to focus on relevant alarms. This left management concerned as the true impact of these tuning actions was not measurable. They had inadvertently left gaps in the SOC’s detection ability by fighting this fight.

Solution – ENHALO SOC Assurance was deployed to act as a safety net for missed alerts and gaps in the system which aided the SOC team to continuously improve on their detection and response capabilities.

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

Do you need Supply Chain Threat Detection services?

Hi, I’m Carol. We are available to help your business ensure its cyber security. Please get in touch with Enhalo to discuss your requirements.

“Attackers are vigilant in finding new ways to attack organizations via the supply chain. With ENHALO SOC Assurance, the gaps in a SOC can be identified and improvements made.”

Gerhard Conradie

Frequently asked SOC Assurance questions

Regardless of the amount of diligence of the SOC, there will always be room for improvement. The ENHALO SOC Assurance ensures that the SOC can continuously optimize its capabilities and therefore reduce risk.

No, Managed SOCs do not include a SOC Assurance service. In the same way that a consulting company does not audit its own work, the SOC cannot objectively be audited.

No, changes in the environment and evolving attacks will continuously create gaps to which the SOC needs to be adapted. A once-off service would be a point-in-time checkbox, but this does not protect against the ongoing risks of adapting smart cyberattacks.

There is never a point at which a SOC is immune and entirely optimized for detecting threats. For this reason, the continuous assurance testing of the SOC will never reach a level of perfection that would justify discontinuing the service.

The solution utilizes a small number of endpoint agents deployed within the existing environment, but no additional infrastructure is required for it to function.

No, it highlights threats and gaps that previously would have gone unnoticed, but it does positively affect the SOC’s ability to detect future events.

Implementation takes roughly two weeks, and two weeks from execution, the first reporting is possible.

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