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ENHALO takes climate change very seriously

We feel that carbon neutral is not enough, and we go the extra mile to reverse the damage that we all have done to the planet.

We do this by committing a percentage of our profits to climate-positive initiatives that we back and administer, from planting trees to offset our carbon and soil improvement programs to longer term carbon capture programs in blue carbon initiatives.

We are committed to climate positivity and have been since the inception of our company. Our goal is to build a sustainable climate-positive business and ensure our suppliers and partners are doing the same.

All the technology we use is evaluated

All the technology we use is evaluated and made to be climate positive.

We do this by taking whatever offset the vendor has and augmenting it with our climate positive projects to compensate for any deltas.

Our employees are trained

Our employees are trained in the discipline of planetary harmony so that everyone understands the damage we are doing, and we continuously educate so that the damage can be reversed. 

The entire company focuses on initiatives to reduce our impact where possible. We have also adopted a flexible remote working approach so that our teams don’t travel as much and have reduced travel with over 90% in three years.

We’ve purchased carbon credits

All our hosting partners have not only been offset from a carbon perspective until 2030, but we’ve also purchased carbon credits to overcompensate so we can ensure we are capturing carbon and reversing climate change. 

Being climate positive is very important to us, we view our planet’s health as critical to our wellbeing.

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