Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts: Casinos are Prime Targets

Cyber Comic: The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse, a timeless symbol of deceptive defeat, is now a “Vendor Update” – but instead of soldiers, it’s loaded with ransomware, ready to compromise the house! Remember, in the casino of cybersecurity, there’s no jackpot for being an easy target.

Happy Holidays from all of us at ENHALO

Cyber Comic: Festive Season Wishes

As the festive season brings joy, warmth, and cheer, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for your continued trust in our cybersecurity services.

Ho-Ho-Hold On To Your Data!

Cyber Comic: Unauthorized Access Festive Season

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a time of joy, celebration, and heightened vigilance in the world of cybersecurity. At ENHALO, we embrace the festive spirit with a crucial reminder for all businesses: Ho-ho-hold on to your data!

Game, Set, Cybersecurity!

Son of a Breach Enhalo Comic 55 - Wimbledon empire has a new security job

Just as an umpire ensures fair play and enforces the rules at Wimbledon, cybersecurity is the guardian of your digital court.

Companies Are Hacked Because of Mistakes Individuals Keep Making

Cybersecurity Humor: companies are hacked because of mistakes individuals keep making

Most of the time, companies are hacked because of mistakes individuals keep making. Not because you, or anyone else is stupid, but because cyber criminals are clever and despite the increasing awareness of cyber risks, people often underestimate the potential consequences of their actions and overlook simple security measures.

Zero Trust Architecture

Son of a Breach Enhalo Comic - zero trust architecture

No security defense is guaranteed to prevent supply chain attacks, but you cannot operate in blind faith.

Hackers Operate Just Like The Rest Of Us

Cyber Humor: Fundamentally, hackers operate just like the rest of us

Fundamentally, hackers operate just like the rest of us: they want to maximize their return on investment. They may even use the same type of cost-benefit analyses you and your business regularly employ – even if their ultimate goals are less ethical.

I Know What You Did Last Summer!

Cyber Humor: I know what you did last summer

The longer the hacker spends collecting data about people and systems within the company, the more likely he or she is to succeed. Getting to know the target is the whole point.

Rely Less on Vulnerability Management

ENHALO Network Segmentation Service Comic

Network segmentation is a powerful but underutilized security measure, yet it is one of the cornerstones of a successful information security program.

The Perfect Time for Phishing Emails

Cyber Hunour - email spam campaign.

Although subscription renewal scams are old identity theft methods, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for phishing emails claiming, “it’s time to renew your annual subscription”. 
Take the latest “Norton Subscription will renew today” email.

Talk about fatal love!

Cyber Humor: Cyber Threats

Viruses, hearts, and chocolates? Cyber threats are just as common as Valentine’s Day jewellery, dining, and gifts.

Cyber Monday…

son of a breach - cyber Monday

Regardless of the form they take, all Cyber Monday scams are meant to trick people into forfeiting their personal and/or financial data.

We All Deserve A Safe Journey!

Enhalo-comic27_the job of the cybersecurity industry

As car manufacturers prioritise passenger safety, the cybersecurity industry must ensure digital safety. On a vast internet highway, we deserve a safe journey.

What Happened To Watertight Security!?

son-of-a-breach - cyberhumor-10

Cyber supply chain risks touch sourcing, vendor management, supply chain continuity and quality, transportation security, and many other functions across the enterprise that require a coordinated effort to address.

Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

stop ransomware webinar thumbnail

Zero Trust Segmentation – if the agent-based solutions are putting you off… you can’t afford to miss this session with our partners AirGap.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Is

son-of-a-breach - cyberhumor-12

With Black Friday around the corner, scammers know legitimate businesses use the season to create a sense of urgency, with time-limited offers and low prices that are hard to turn down.

Don’t Fall For The Latest Fad!

son-of-a-breach - cyberhumor-11

Even when there’s no evidence that a cyber product works, enterprises are now willing to spend more than ever on security while their existing cybersecurity solutions are not being fully used.

Coral Commerce Case Study

ENHALO Cyber Case Studies

Transitioned to cloud (AzureSQL) and PCI DSS certification to secure and maintain online business.

Safe River Crossing?

son-of-a-breach - cyberhumor-9

Those who have not learned from security mistakes are condemned to repeat them…

You’ve been compromised!

Through social engineering, attackers take advantage of human curiosity, fear and gullibility to manipulate their victims.

Cybersecurity budget

Our cybersecurity budget is 2.5% of the company’s overall budget! Why do we still get hit with ransomware attacks?!!!

What the FUD? 

94% of malware is delivered by email and trojans account for 58% of all computer malware.

No more snake oil

No more snake oil, stop ransomware with the basics. Firewall rules and air gaping, patching and restore-able backups.

Selling you more products

If your security partner’s only solution to a data breach is selling you more products related to the ones you already have… run away! 

Products over process

Products over process = breaches due to all the gaps that occur, because products alone, aren’t security.

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