The Perils of the ANY-ANY Condition: A Cautionary Comic Tale

Someone forgot to deactivate the ANY-ANY condition!

In the bustling world of digital defense, where cybersecurity warriors tirelessly guard against the ceaseless onslaught of cyber threats, there lies a tale as old as time – or at least as old as firewalls. This is the story of the infamous ANY-ANY condition, a tale that unfolds in the panels of our latest comic, serving as a stark reminder of the fine line between convenience and catastrophe.

Our hero (or perhaps anti-hero in this scenario) is a diligent cybersecurity executive, tasked with the monumental duty of safeguarding the digital fortress of his organization. As he navigates the labyrinth of security measures, he encounters a formidable foe: an application that refuses to cooperate, hindered by the very defenses meant to protect it.

In a moment of desperation, our executive invokes the nuclear option – the “allow ANY ANY” rule. This potent command is the equivalent of opening the floodgates, instructing the firewall to allow all manners of information to flow freely, in and out of the system. A temporary measure, he assures himself, just until the pesky application issue is resolved.

However, as the days blend into nights and the urgency of the moment fades into memory, the ANY-ANY condition remains – a silent sentinel turned traitor, leaving the door wide open for anyone or anything to stroll in unchallenged.

The Son of a Breach comic takes a turn for the dramatic as our tale splits down two possible paths: one where the oversight is caught by a vigilant auditor, a close call that ends with a sigh of relief and a lesson learned. The other path? Not so fortunate. Here, a cunning hacker stumbles upon this digital open door, leading to a scenario every cybersecurity professional dreads. The executive, once a guardian of the digital realm, now faces the ultimate consequence of his oversight.

Through engaging storytelling, our comic not only entertains but educates, highlighting the critical importance of vigilance in cybersecurity practices. It serves as a cautionary tale reminding us that in the high-stakes world of digital security, there’s no room for forgetfulness. The ANY-ANY condition, while a powerful tool in the short term, can quickly become a security team’s undoing if not managed with the utmost care.

Fire and forget at your own peril, for in the realm of cybersecurity, it’s often the smallest oversight that leads to the greatest downfall.


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