Endpoint Detection and Response

Cybersecurity is an ongoing partnership rather than a post-breach reaction.

Endpoint Detection and Response – EDR

Detect and Prevent Attacks

Many organizations struggle with budgets and resources to implement and support endpoint security. This solution is for customers that do not have extensive security budgets or staffing to implement and monitor an endpoint security solution.

Endpoint Detection and Response Service

  • Instant visibility and protection across the enterprise and prevents attacks on endpoints.
  • Incident investigation and triage support 24x7x365.
  • Manage, monitoring and responding to alerts and incidents.
  • Remediation of incidents.

Providing peace of mind with a mature endpoint security solution while off-loading the burden of implementing, monitoring, and remediation by internal staff.

Explore how our Endpoint Detection and Response Service can bolster your organization’s security as part of our all-round comprehensive Cyber Defense Service.

Advanced Email Impersonation Protection

In addition to our robust Endpoint Detection and Response services, we’ve partnered with Sendmarc to bring top-tier email security to organizations of all sizes.

Through this partnership, we offer a streamlined path to DMARC compliance, ensuring full protection against email impersonation and spoofing attacks within a maximum of 90 days.

The Email Impersonation Protection complements our Endpoint Detection and Response Service, ensuring that while we protect your endpoints, your email communications are equally secured against advanced cyber threats.

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