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Cyber risks, the big unknown

Breached organizations share three common beliefs:

At face value, these businesses are not wrong. They believe they are adequately covered based on their existing investments, knowledge, and understanding of their cyber risk profile.

The fact that their cyber security posture is extremely poor is often a big surprise to them.

It takes tactical risk discovery action to keep businesses on track and sustain operations. Our Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA) allows senior leadership to see their organization’s known and unknown cyber risks and empower them to take calculated actions.

With an average of 20 years in the field, our team is ready to help.

“Our clients informed us about our system outage, which resulted in a massive loss of confidence. We were losing clients every month. ENHALO came to our rescue and helped us to discover our unknown security risks and to improve our cyber resilience. Our customers are slowly but surely finding their way back!”


ENHALO Cyber Risk Assessment

ENHALO Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA) provides visibility for senior management into the organization’s cyber security risk posture and how it correlates and differs from their existing risk perceptions. By focussing on overlooked risks and testing detection capabilities, ENHALO can put the spotlight on the below threats:
  1. Supply chains create numerous entry points, and existing risks from suppliers are easy to exploit.

  2. Humans are incredibly vulnerable to manipulation, and assessing their threat readiness exposes many gaps in their armament.

  3. Bulk data egress regularly goes unnoticed and poses a massive risk.

  4. Continuous, unnoticed attempts by cyber-terrorist networks knocking on doors and windows.

“It’s not just whether you might face an event at some point, but its potential for success. The cyber assessment gives insight into the unknown risks so that budget can be directed to highest impact cyber risks.”

Gerhard Conradie

Ignoring best practice

The problem with best practice is that these security standards are initially well maintained with full organizational support, but they gradually erode into watered-down versions of what they were intended to accomplish.

As an example, let’s take local administrator rights and local administrator password management. Every successful breach uses some form of elevated permission (local administrator rights) and exploits the standardized local administrator username and password used across every computer in the organization.

End-user administrative rights might seem ludicrous but can quickly become the norm in the pursuit of remaining agile.

Standardized usernames and passwords for local administrators are so prevalent that it would be difficult to imagine a scenario where modern attacks did not exploit lateral movement with immense success.

The cyber posture reality

Organizations perceive their readiness to cope with cyber threats. They shape this perception by adopting frameworks, using information supplied to them, and forming their own often biased view of their organization’s cyber security posture.

By cutting through the veil of perception, ENHALO’s Cyber Risk Assessment provides:

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Gerhard Conradie Asks:

Gerhard Conradie Asks:

“What are your top three unresolved cyber security concerns at this time?”

“Apart from warning us about supplier privileged access risks, ENHALO has also shed light on invoice fraud risks which previously went unnoticed. ENHALO has assisted us to strengthen our defenses against invoice fraud which has ensured that we will be one step ahead of attackers in the future.”


There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.


Cyber Risk Assessment with ENHALO

Client – A mid-size UK financial institution focusing on personal banking. 

Challenge – The organization invested in cybersecurity defenses, ticking all the standard boxes required for their industry. Even though the financial institution thought they were prepared for attacks, chaos erupted when attackers gained access and encrypted systems. This raised concerns with senior management regarding how effective the protection and security were and how this risk occurred.

Solution – Following a successful Emergency Cyber Response, the Finance institution partnered with ENHALO to perform a Cyber Risk Assessment, which revealed previously unknown critical risks. Determining the institutions’ actual Cyber Risk Profile assisted senior management in having the visibility and response plan to take the necessary action. This allowed cybersecurity investments to be channeled to areas with the most significant risk. Other risks were accepted into the risk register to be re-evaluated later.

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

Do you need Cyber Risk Assessment Services?
Hi, I’m Carol. We are available to help your business ensure its cyber security. Please get in touch with Enhalo to discuss your requirements.

“Cyber risk and vulnerability are not synonymous, despite being commonly used interchangeably. A vulnerability is a weakness that can enable unauthorized access to a network if exploited, and cyber risk is the probability that a vulnerability will be exploited. Covering the probabilities – knowing where, how, and what can be easily exploited, is what differentiates companies.”

Gerhard Conradie

Frequently asked Cyber Risk Assessment questions

It’s important to remember that the level of risk facing your assets and the threat landscape as a whole is constantly evolving. An annual cybersecurity assessment can help your organization ensure its security controls keep up with emerging threats and continuously provide the best protection possible for your most important assets.

The solution utilizes a small number of endpoint agents deployed within the existing environment, but no additional infrastructure is required for it to function.

If your business has many third-party vendors, and each vendor has VPN access to your network, a hacker now has multiple potential routes to break into and exploit your network using this attack path.

Recent Emergency Cyber Responses performed by ENHALO have shown this to be the biggest contributor to successful ransomware attacks, so, unfortunately, VPNs alone are not sufficient protection.

The size and complexity of the technology estate impact the price, but this will be relative to the size of the organization. The service is intended as a cost-effective method for senior leadership to understand their known and unknown risks and take action.

Penetration tests are used to perform internal or external attacks on your infrastructure and provide a list of methods used to gain access. This differs massively from Cyber Risk Assessment which assesses an organization’s technical/administrative controls, active cyber-terrorist connections, how susceptible staff are to social engineering, as well as bulk data egress testing. None of which is part of a penetration or vulnerability test.

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