Irregular Behavior Detection

Cybersecurity is an ongoing partnership rather than a post-breach reaction.

Irregular Behavior Detection – IBD

Human-centric Data Leakage and Insider Threat Prevention

Companies focus heavily on malicious outsider mitigation, while the biggest threat lies with those who already have access. Insiders such as employees, contractors, and third parties have direct access to sensitive data, and hence here lies the real risk.

Malicious insiders are responsible for the most costly breaches, and human error is to blame for the majority of these data breaches. Detecting and responding is therefore critical for organizations.

Continuous Irregular Behavior Detection

  • Automatically provide prompts for irregular behavior with training for your workforce on the organization’s Information Security policy and Acceptable Use Policy as violations occur.
  • Powerful out of the box policies to detect sensitive content sent/receive via email, copied between applications or transferred over video conferencing or USB.
  • Real-time actions on irregular behavior such as endpoint isolation, lockdown or user prompts.
  • Machine learning monitors the user behavior such as keyboard typing pattern, unusual network usage and excessive printing to detect threats.

Create a smarter, better way to deliver data leakage and insider threat mitigation for your organization. Contact us to find out how ENHALO Continuous Irregular Behavior Detection (CIBD) can improve your security posture.

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