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Cybersecurity is an ongoing partnership rather than a post-breach reaction.

In the high-stakes game of cyber warfare, where businesses are the prized territories, staying off the cybercriminals’ grid has become the new survival tactic. Enterprises
In the event of an attack, prompt identification, reaction, and collaboration are critical, and businesses with a Security Operations Center are far more likely to
Despite the tremendous amount of good that has come from the rapid growth of the Internet, it has also exposed the dangers of the cyber
Financial services are a prime target for cybercriminals because they have money and data that can be sold and vulnerabilities that make the data relatively
The consumer sector is big business – for shareholders as well as hackers. Large companies with multiple brands operate with an unprecedented amount of valuable
Data breaches make headlines as governments update their policies and compliance standards change, and Gartner predicts that global spending on information security and risk management
The digital footprint we leave today is evident, whether we like it or not. Besides Twitter and Facebook (yes, LinkedIn counts), personal and business email
The level of ransomware sophistication has risen to the point where attackers can access extremely sensitive information, even what level of insurance the targeted company
While business leaders see the importance of data security and the overarching risks, building a clear business case for cybersecurity investment that speaks in their
The deadline to be POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) compliant is fast approaching, and while it has roots in and parallels to GDPR (General
The challenge with usernames and passwords, as we all know, is that we have to make them, remember them, maintain them, change them, store them
Complexity is the enemy of cybersecurity for small business. The simpler things are, the more control you will have. It will be better understood by
With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily, the need for the secure, correct use and access to this data falls under the remit of information governance and electronic
Cloud jacking, phishing and social engineering are all emerging as big cyber security threats in 2020 and certainly in 2021 and beyond. All because of companies and individuals’ dependence on cloud
Agile microservices are becoming prolific and the accepted way in which we choose to build our apps and services. On the one hand, microservices allows
At the recent Healthcare Innovation Summit held in Johannesburg in October, speakers highlighted the potential for e-health to improve patient outcomes, peer-to-peer communication and institution-to-institution
The days when successful end-user happiness was measured by network uptime, has long gone. Today, customer satisfaction, staff productivity, cost savings and brand recognition are
This rings especially true when your company decides to make that near-inevitable transition to cloud computing. Besides the proper scoping of technical, data and security
In today’s digitally enabled age, organisations are presented with flexible options as to how and where their software is deployed and managed to meet increasing
But this is the bricks-and- mortar crowd of yesteryear who didn’t grow up with mobile phones and tablets, and in their day only the military

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