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Cybersecurity is an ongoing partnership rather than a post-breach reaction.

Just like other business leaders, CISOs operate with budgetary constraints and must make crucial decisions to protect the business without stymieing its growth.
Explore the nuances of vulnerability scanning & penetration testing in our guide. Understand their benefits and limitations and choose the best security assessment for your organization.
The result of many organizations not being cyber resilient can have significant consequences across multiple dimensions. Here are some of the potential outcomes
Most of the time, companies are hacked because of mistakes individuals keep making. Not because they or anyone else is stupid but because cybercriminals are
You finally got the go-ahead from the board that there is a budget for a cybersecurity partner – great news!
Dark Web talk has gained momentum since 2010, often appearing on television shows and in the media as an indicator of illicit online activity. Hackers
A Secret Server, Privileged Account Management (PAM) solution stores all passwords in encrypted form and secures and manages all types of privileges using an intuitive
Small and large businesses have been subject to successive waves of malicious cyber-attacks and accidental data breaches, which have spurred heightened spending and hasty decision-making
The order takes into consideration how significant the private sector’s cooperation for heightened security is, the importance of diverse, collaborative talent, and establishes various new
The internet has made the world smaller in many ways, but it has also opened us up to a multitude of villainous influences that have
COVID-19 brought with it an overnight shift to remote working, spawning an acceleration of digital transformation initiatives. These initiatives have resulted in post-pandemic cybersecurity investments to enable
“What is phishing?” is one of the most searched terms on the Internet. It has become one of the most effective techniques used by cybercriminals
The POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act) officially commenced on the 1st of July 2020 when it was signed into effect by the President.
Across the globe, we are all working remotely — from our homes. Being able to work remotely is one thing, but doing it securely is
Many businesses are frustrated by the gap that seems to exist between their daily operations and IT. It is a near impossible feat for IT to
Identify your Organization’s Weaknesses. A penetration test is arguably the most important part of any cybersecurity journey, it tests an organization’s ‘final line of
Cybercriminals are getting better by the day and as the modern threats have evolved to outsmart network security, so too have the firewall solutions. The basic
You have barbed wire fences around your house, burglar bars on your windows, alarm systems, armed response security and locks on all your doors… None
Much like propriety software, open source has plenty of positives and negatives. When making a decision between one or the other, it’s essential that business
It would be foolish to assume that SMME’s are not targets for cyber-attacks and hacking scams. Sure, it may have a smaller impact than it

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