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Financial losses, intellectual property theft, and reputational damage due to security breaches can be prevented.

Global Intelligence-led Security Operations Service

In the era of rapid growth of new technology, the threat of cyber attacks is at an all-time high, leaving all organizations open to the risk of financial losses, intellectual property theft, and reputational damage.

Gain a competitive advantage and stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats with ENHALO’s fully managed global intelligence-led Security Operations Center Services (SOC).

Our proactive, global intelligence-led approach allows us to anticipate and prioritize active and emerging threats to your business to reduce the attack surface and adapt defenses.
By using the latest cutting-edge technologies and cyber threat intelligence, our security professionals ensure your business remains operational.

Our security operations center team is ready to help.

“With ENHALO’s SOC, threats that previously went unnoticed are now been detected and mitigated. I can now sleep at night!”


The Enhalo SOC

ENHALO’s in-house SOC offers a fully managed solution that proactively monitors external and internal threats, provides rapid response to incidents, protects both digital and physical assets and assists with meeting sector-based security compliance.
  1. We work as an extension of your existing team to provide a ‘follow the sun’ service.

  2. Take advantage of our robust onboarding process that gets the SOC up and running within 48 hours.

  3. Get immediate access to our investment in skilled cyber professionals to manage your security effectively.

  4. Avoid the overall capital and operational costs required to set up and run an in-house SOC.

  5. Utilize our 150 years’ combined industry experience of working collaboratively with multi-sector organizations.

  6. We focus on your security so you can focus on growing your business.

“With 103 days before attacks are even detected, it is clear that there is room for doubt about the effectiveness of SIEMs and how they are staffed.”

Gerhard Conradie

Data Security and Compliance

Enhance the Security of your critical assets and meet regulatory requirements with 24/7 monitoring.

Solid ROI

Our intelligence-led SOC is the first line of defense, growing revenue by increasing stakeholder trust, maintaining the business’ reputation, and increasing and retaining customers.

Better Threat Management

Get instant access to the latest advancements of centralized global intelligence-led SOC that are designed to detect and mitigate threats before they have an impact.

Build vs Partnership

ENHALO’s SOC combines people, processes, and technology to provide actionable security intelligence without the cost, complexity, and workforce required when building an in-house SOC.

Benefits include:
The ENHALO fully managed SOC brings together the people, process, and technology to continually protect both digital data and physical assets, by routinely monitoring and analyzing your organization’s security posture. Contact us today.
Gerhard Conradie Asks:

Gerhard Conradie Asks:

“What are your top three unresolved cyber security concerns at this time?”
“With Enhalo’s SOC Service our entire network environment is now under constant watch for new cyberthreats by cybersecurity experts, all for much less than it would be if we were doing this ourselves.”

Security Event Detection with ENHALO SOC

Client – An innovative, global British skincare brand with over 30 years of expertise and represented in over 45 countries.

Challenge – The organization knew that there was a lack of visibility into who might be accessing the Personal Information (PI/PII) of their customers, which posed a massive GDPR compliance risk. A lack of experience and resource availability within their IT team meant that the organization could not cost-effectively establish a Security Operations Center to monitor this.

Solution – ENHALO assessed the existing tools and skills within the organization to best utilize and optimize what already existed. We then built the SOC solution around their unique needs and to protect against the threats they face. Through continuous monitoring and detection, the ENHALO SOC has allowed the organization to achieve compliance with GDPR, at a lower cost than operating it internally, and without additional pressure on the internal IT team.

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

“Do you want SOC services?”
Hi, I’m Carol. We are available to help your business ensure its cyber security. Please get in touch with Enhalo to discuss your requirements.

“The reality is that 60% of passwords are reused, allowing threat actors to commit invoice fraud and access privileged systems. The awareness, monitoring, and response are critical.”

Gerhard Conradie

Frequently asked Supply Chain Threat Detection questions

Initially, we involve your organization’s internal security staff to ensure critical coverage is achieved. By integrating into your lifecycle management processes we can introduce new assets from the start so that their events are included.

It is very difficult to look into the crystal ball that is the SOC and truly know if it is functioning as it should. Our SOC Assurance Service tests our own, and you’re existing SOC environments to identify whether events are detected, analyzed, and responded to.

ENHALO believes in retaining and optimizing the tools organizations already have to maximize their investment. Integration of different technologies is achieved through our years of connecting custom tools into a variety of SIEM solutions.

Our playbooks have been designed over many years. Your organization will benefit from the various runbooks which relate to alert verification and the corresponding response to these alerts. Through correlation and validation, we ensure that the correct alerts receive focused attention.

No, a Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) is a tool that receives security events from your firewalls, servers, and IoT/OT devices. Part of a Security Operations Center’s (SOC) responsibility is to monitor the SIEM for events and to determine the response to the event.

Unfortunately, not. SOC’s all differ based on operating hours, response times, the number of staff assigned, the skill level of this staff, and whether the SOC is outsourcing some functions. Simply having a team, whether internal or external, that looks at the SIEM dashboard is not a SOC. ENHALO identifies the gaps in your Security Operations Center coverage and optimizes spending so there is no wastage.

A managed SOC offering can be far less expensive than what it would cost an organization to set up a SOC themselves.  In many cases, the monthly cost for the ENHALO SOC will be less than the cost of the internal security analysts that would need to be hired (let alone the cost of establishing the SOC itself). At a fraction of the cost of an internal SOC, the ENHALO SOC is a cost-effective choice. Organizations can rest assured knowing the entirety of their network environment is under constant watch for new cyberthreats by cybersecurity experts, all for much less than doing it themselves.

Absolutely, internal skills within your organization should be utilized and we work hand in hand with these individuals.

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