Agentless Network Segmentation

Rely less on vulnerability management and rest assured that the threat won’t spread across your network.

Global Threat Actors are Growing Daily. You Need a Zero-trust Kill Switch.

Digital organized bad actors constantly use new attack vectors to spread malware and ransomware. They wreak havoc as they creep network segment by network segment.

Our Agentless Network Segmentation Service prevents lateral threat movement with centralized Zero Trust controls that secure enterprise networks down to the most granular segment.

Why do you need this?

It’s simple – because traditional segmentation protection is ineffective in the following ways:
Our service remedies these inefficiencies and allows you to rely less on vulnerability management. You can rest assured that if the “door to one office” is left open, the threat will not spread to another. With an average of 20 years in the field, our team is ready to help.
“We practiced reactive security – our teams investigated a compromise first and then performed damage control. It was cumbersome and expensive and still left us grappling with data loss, compliance issues, and possible public damage control. ENHALO’s Agentless Network Segmentation has stopped the possibility of the internal and external lateral movement, ensuring our data is never under threat.”


ENHALO’s Agentless Network Segmentation

Our service provides optimal defense against cyber threat propagation with the following benefits:
  1. Agentless architecture protecting managed and unmanaged devices.

  2. Live threat intelligence from the ENHALO operations center on events as they occur.

  3. Lateral movement containment so that ransomware and malware are restricted to a single device.

  4. Protection of corporate applications and “crown jewels”.

  5. Visibility of traffic flowing between endpoints.

“Network segmentation is a powerful but underutilized security measure, yet it is one of the cornerstones of a successful information security program. It directly addresses the dangerous reality of today’s threat landscape: you cannot prevent a cyber breach, but you can isolate it.”

Gerhard Conradie

A Ransomware Epidemic

The state of ransomware attacks has reached epidemic levels, and the challenges organizations face are massive.

Once the perimeter is breached, ransomware rapidly propagates, doing massive cyber damage by encrypting files or stealing sensitive information such as employee or customer PII. A delayed response to an incident often increases the impact exponentially.

Due to the complexity of firewall configuration, Network Access Control (NAC) segments, or group policies, the Security Operations (SecOps) teams are taking strain to prepare and respond to these attacks. Severing an entire network is often the only way to defend, further impacting the organization.

ENHALO Agentless Network Segmentation (ANS) solves this challenge by segmenting individual devices from each other, providing defense readiness conditions, and instantly mitigating with the ransomware kill switch.

The Failure of Patching

Organizations operate under the illusion that patch and vulnerability management can adequately protect the environment. The reality is that 2021 saw more than double the zero-day attacks of any previous year. 

Sixty-six zero-day attacks were discovered in 2021 (compared to 37 in 2020 and 28 in 2019). These statistics paint a bleak picture of a battle that will never be won.

The rapid rate at which vulnerabilities are discovered means IT teams are staggering from one zero-day to the next. And the bad actors only need one such zero-day to gain a foothold.

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Gerhard Conradie Asks:

Gerhard Conradie Asks:

“What are your top three unresolved cyber security concerns at this time?”
“Our environment is composed of VMs, containers, serverless functions, cloud data stores, and much more. This complex infrastructure posed a significant challenge to managing network security. Enhalo did not only provide a robust segmentation solution to protect these assets but also did it in a simplified manner that is easy to manage.”


If security were all that mattered, computers would never be turned on, let alone hooked into a network with literally millions of potential intruders.


Agentless Network Segmentation with ENHALO

Client – UK-based Private Investment Firm focused on solar energy projects.

Challenge – The organization knew that potential investors were becoming increasingly demanding, and they needed to demonstrate robust cybersecurity measures to strengthen investor confidence. The changing cybersecurity threat landscape coupled with a high-risk attack surface aggravated this investor concern.

Solution – The ENHALO airgap agentless network segmentation solution prevented lateral threat movement, while our threat analytics allowed the zero-trust kill switch to terminate access if a violation was detected. The ringfence around every device and application stopped the potential of malware and ransomware propagation. Unauthorized access between unrelated departments was also eradicated. With this level of protection, investors felt reassured doing business with our client.

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

Carol Watson of ENHALO, US asks:

Do you need Supply Chain Threat Detection services?

Hi, I’m Carol. We are available to help your business ensure its cyber security. Please get in touch with Enhalo to discuss your requirements.

“Segmenting your network is just the first step to a strong cybersecurity strategy. The next step is continually monitoring and auditing the segmented traffic. VLANs and other segmentation solutions fall flat here as the traffic is rarely analyzed, and threat intelligence from this is used to restrict endpoints dynamically. This is where ENHALO Agentless Network Segmentation excels in isolating exploited endpoints.”

Gerhard Conradie

Frequently asked Agentless Network Segmentation questions

The good news is that your enterprise may already have segmentation capabilities available within the network that are simply not configured or deployed. It’s important to remember that with any cybersecurity implementation for new or existing systems, you must determine what is feasible, what is reasonable, and what will not interfere with the system’s mission and business objectives.

ANS will not influence the connectivity speed and reliability. But suppose your systems connect to each other without going through intermediary devices such as a firewall. In that case, it is relatively easy for a bad actor to gain access to the entire system through one endpoint.

In a segmented network, malicious traffic won’t have immediate access to the entire ecosystem.

No cybersecurity defense is 100% failproof, but attackers will only be able to access the initial section they breached because the agentless kill switch will isolate the point of entry, giving the IT team time to locate the breach and minimize the impact of the intrusion. Therefore, even though ANS does not prevent the initial threat, attackers can only breach your first perimeter of defense where they are contained within the network segment they access.

Segmentation allows you to separate regulated data from your other systems, making it easier to manage compliance and apply network isolation policies with a targeted approach. Implementing agentless solutions reduces workload due to autonomous policy frameworks. You do not need to write or manage security policies when you use an autonomous policy framework.

Many organizations use a combination of technologies, such as Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRFs), Physical or Virtual Firewalls, and native cloud and container security products. Using these technologies creates significant operational overhead. Still, they always leave a group of endpoints able to communicate with each other.

ENHALO Agentless Network Segmentation reduces the burden of implementing and managing network segmentation/micro-segmentation with machine-learned policies that can be automatically applied and adapted even when network configurations change. It eliminates the need to manually create rules, tune them, and handle exceptions while still ensuring compliance, audit, and security requirements.

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